Udemy – Ultimate B3D: Learn and Master Motion Graphics in Blender 3D [100% off]

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Ultimate B3D: Learn and Master Motion Graphics in Blender 3D

Course Description

*A brand new course unlike any other in Blender – released August 31, 2016*

Learn how to create stunning Motion graphics in free software

This is a unique Blender course that will teach you to conquer the heights that have only been lightly scaled before in Blender: Motion graphics

In this course, you will learn how to use the most popular free animation package to make and animate amazing and professional quality motion graphics animations within Blender 3D.

– Each month several new lectures will be added to increase the depth of the knowledge you will receive from this course. Intimate secrets of Blenders Motion Graphics possibilities will be shown and taught in an easy to understand and concisely explained manner with each new lecture.– That means that with each week of every month, this course will be updated with new and exciting lessons!

Each lesson of this course is a guide with detailed steps to creating professional Motion Graphics.We start with a quick overview of how to navigate Blender, then, we move on to the basics of animation. We then learn to use the graph editor to edit animations. After those basics, we get right to the butter: Custom shapes – It’s in this section that we get right into creating custom shapes, and learn in-depth, step-by-stepmethods and tricks for how to animate them.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn…

  • The basics of animation
  • Create custom Graphics assets
  • Create intros and infographics
  • How to create punchy text animationns
  • How to make great 3D text

As we get further into the course, we learn to create Motion Graphics transitions, animated text, and soon jump into creating fun and versatile graphic elements.

In the bonus lectures, we learn to create splashy Adobe flash-style animations in Blender.
Each animation is created from scratch, with step-by-step details to how to achieve the animations and effects.

In each lesson, students will create and animate Blender 3D animations from scratch, using detailed, step-by-step instructions. 

Reasons to enroll include:

Learn how to create stunning Motion graphics animations in free software

Blender is an amazing and powerful software that gives its users the power to create anything from 3D models to full CGI animations. Blender includes 3D modeling and animation tools, a feature packed sculpting toolset, VFX tracking, a compositor and a virtual physics engine (and more).

With all of these features, it’s easily the most versatile free software out there – and in this course we’ll take that versatility to a new level.

Discover new and creative ways to use Blender 3D and its features
Through each lesson, we’ll creatively use Blenders features to achieve a variety of punchy and fun animations – in each lecture, we discover new and creative ways to use Blender’s features to create amazing motion graphics.

Add a new skill to your Portfolio

If you’re looking to increase your skillset, or a professional looking to learn to create amazing animations for a portfolio, then this course is full of the knowledge you need to achieve those goals in Blender.

Whether you’re new to Blender 3D or not, this course will help you learn the various animation methods found within the software. Learn new tips that will show how to use the near endless possiblities of Blenders many features to create seamless new effects to use in your projects. 

So, what are you waiting for? Enroll in this course, and enjoy the learning. We’ll be on stand by for any questions.


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