Udemy SEO: Dominate Udemy Search Engine 2017 Unofficial [100% off]

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Udemy SEO: Dominate Udemy Search Engine 2017 Unofficial

One of the ONLY Udemy SEO courses available ANYWHERE – Strategies that WORK for 2017!

Have you ever wondered how the top Udemy instructors attract so many paying students?

Do you want to increase your course sales teaching what you love?

Are you interested in learning how a few simple SEO changes can SKYROCKET your course sales?

If so, you’re in the right place!

Udemy SEO is by far the SIMPLEST and EFFECTIVE strategy to generate MORE SALES!



For most Udemy Instructors, Udemy SEO is an afterthought. Novice instructors believe if they make a “great” course, students will come.

But even if you create the BEST course in the world, if you don’t know how to market it and if NOBODYknows about it, you won’t generate any sales!

Here’s the good news: this failure for Udemy Instructors is an OPPORTUNITY for you to DOMINATE your category and increase sales!

As long as you know the strategies and tactics of Udemy SEO marketing (which I’ll show you how to do step by step), your competitors won’t stand a chance against you.

Here are some of the many things I’ll cover for you in this course that trains you on how to master Udemy SEO (and, increase your paycheck from Udemy every month):

  • How to rank your course on the FRONT PAGE for high traffic & competitive keywords
  • How to INCREASE ORGANIC SALES by optimizing targeted keywords
  • The best way to DOMINATE highly competitive keywords for YEARS
  • How to create a SALES FUNNEL for your courses and fully understand HOW your customers buy from you
  • How to analyze your competitors and learn their EXACTLY Udemy SEO strategy
  • The most impactful SEO variables that influence Udemy’s search algorithm
  • How to first dominate a targeted niche and EXPAND to LARGER CATEGORIES
  • The key differences between Udemy SEO and Google SEO
  • How to rank your course for multiple competitive keywords
  • Why you should build your personal brand on Udemy and how you can use it to generate sales for the long-term

All of these lessons essentially give you a practical, immediately-usable information that’s better than anything else ANYWHERE, and for a fraction of the price.

If you’re interested in getting started, let me explain…


This course is divided into three sections

  • SECTION 1: INTRODUCTION TO UDEMY SEO- The first section will show you all the fundamentals on how exactly Udemy SEO works so you can generate more exposure and eventually generate more sales.
  • SECTION 2: KEY UDEMY SEARCH VARIABLES- In the second section, I’ll show you the exact variables Udemy uses to determine which course they should rank and promote. Additionally, we’ll go over which variables are the MOST INFLUENTIAL so you can get the maximum results while being efficient with your time.
  • SECTION 3: ADVANCED STRATEGIES FOR UDEMY SEO- Finally in the third section, we’ll show you all the advanced strategies the top Udemy instructors use to generate SIGNIFICANTLY more sales than the average Udemy instructor.

At the end of the three-part course, you’ll be given a Udemy SEO Marketing Certification, but more importantly, you’ll have the tools and resources to increase your Udemy course sales.


This Udemy SEO course is designed to walk anyone through the steps to increase their rank for targeted keywords and generate more sales. Everything is given to you. You’ll have all the tools you need.

If you do this program, take action and don’t generate more course sales then I will give you a full immediate refund. No questions asked.


As Udemy continues to make improvements to their search engine, this course will constantly be updated to reflect those changes. By purchasing this course now, you’ll have access to all the latest updates!

So if this all sounds good to you, I’ll see you inside!


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