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TRIZ. Engineering problems solving algorithm

This course will give you practical tool for Complex Problem Solving.

It is clearly structured in eight steps.

In logical chain from receiving not clear complex problem, step by step, through the whole algorithm you will find from 10 to 100 new solutions and even more depending on your efforts.

You may ask: what kind of problems I can shoot using this algorithm? If I answer: “ANY”. You wouldn’t believe me. But really it’s about 95% of all problems around us. And what kind of this 5% problems you won’t fix by this tool – the only those that need preliminary researches.

After finishing this course you will see things around you in another way. What it means? All things around you can help you to solve any problem with low costs and even without costs.

But it’s not a magic wand – you will have to work a lot! And as a reward there will be a lot of strong decisions!

And the last, but not least: only practicing this tool will increase your skills and as a result increase your market price!

P.S.: The Wourld Economic Forum, TOP 10 skills in 2020:

1. Complex Problem Solving

2. Critical Thinking

3. Creativity



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