Udemy – Top Secrets to Improve Your CBT Skills for Mental Disorders [100% OFF]


Welcome to this self help course……..Here you will learn the basics to overcome CbT and psychotherapy.

You will learn Benefits of CBT.

You will learn Exposure Therapy to overcome depression and mood disorders.

You will learn about relaxation therapy to overcome mood disorders and it might even be helpful to overcome depression.

I am giving you vast amount of handouts and exercise sheets for you  to download if possible.I expect you to prepare using handouts and  exercise sheets on your own.

Let us look at PROBLEM SOLVING

When people get depressed, they find it more difficult to solve problems.

Sometimes this means an inability to deal with the problems that started the

depression in the first place, but often it spreads to difficulty dealing with many

of the common problems that occur in daily life.

Why does this happen? There are several reasons:

• Solving problems requires energy – and as depression worsens,

energy levels sink.

• Depression causes problems with concentration, memory, and

decision-making – and these are all valuable skills to have when

solving a problem!

• Everyday problems take a back seat to a bigger problem: The

Depression. Often people become very concerned about their mood

problem, and put aside other issues in their lives.

• Loss of confidence. Remember the effects of negative thinking? If

you think you can‟t do it, it‟s not worth it, it won‟t work anyway – it is

less likely that you will feel confident enough to try.

When you consider these factors, it is no great surprise that problems aren‟t

getting solved and are piling up. What can be done? A good place to start is

to remind yourself that your problem-solving ability is not as good as it usually

is – so go easy on yourself! This is a normal symptom of depression, and

can get better

Coming to this self help course.

What is Depression ?

Depression is a clinical condition just as real as a cold or flu. The  key to understanding whether someone has depression or a bad case of  the blues is knowing the severity and frequency of the feelings or  symptoms. Treatment for depression varies widely from person to person,  but there are some approaches that seem to work more often than others.  With the right treatments, you may be able to minimize the symptoms of  depression and reduce the impact of depression on the quality of your  life.

Suffering from depression means more than just dealing with a bad  week or even a bad month. Depression is a weakening condition that can  make it impossible for you to enjoy your daily existence. If you are  plagued with feelings of overwhelming sadness, loneliness,  worthlessness, and cannot imagine that things will get any better, then  you may be suffering from depression.


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