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Course Description

Hello and welcome to this Course on Top Secrets for Improving Your StudySkills .

Product Description

Initially in this course you will learn  some of the Top Secrets For Improving Your Study Skills.Then you will learn English Vocabulary .

Initially in English Vocabulary you will learn (1-10)/40 Vocabs.

In this lecture I will be giving you vocabulary from Adamant to Beneficiary  then

I will be giving you 10 English vocabulary from Capricious to Exquisite  then

I will be giving you 10 English vocabulary from Frantic to Emulate then

I will be giving you 10 English vocabulary from Cynosure to Gracious.

This Course is an Excellent collection with huge stock of words. Most importantly, sample sentences and contextual meaning of each word is mentioned, which is very helpful to understand word usage

Salient feature of English Vocabulary Made Easy are more correctly a thesaurus, is incorporation of both the features of a dictionary and a thesaurus that you can not found in any other thesaurus,

1. It is not a substitute of a dictionary.

 It is to enhance your stock of English vocabulary.

2. Covers more than 40 vocabulary words.

3. Modular design to help you build your vocabulary in minimum effort.

4. Can be started from any page and any paragraph.

No need to read the whole page. Simply follow your own style.

5. The maximum gain and minimum effort. Just concentrate on any paragraph anywhere in the course.Try to grasp the meanings of the various words included there. Just imagine the various possibilities of the use of words in real life. Just revise twice or thrice that day. Use these words in your own way and these words are yours.


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