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Stock Renting on Turbo Mode

Stock Renting aka Covered Call

In this course I will be showing you a unique strategy on how to correctly rent out your stock for maximum return.

In this course I will show you

1) How to correctly Sell Naked Put

2) How to correctly Sell a Covered Call

Why most covered call seller is doing it the wrong way. Most trainer will teach you to sell out of money put and in the money call (they have get this totally wrong). Not only are they doing it wrong they are positing themself in a very dangerous situation to their trading account. Selling out of money put and in the money covered call will give you high probability winning trade and that is what everyone want but this is totally wrong. You can be making money every month for 11 month and when the market take a tumble you give up everything you have earn and more.

Learn the correct way to do Stock Renting

Learn the combo effect of Selling Naked Put and Covered Call together, this combo effect will turbo charge your trading return, and you can see for yourself the number of premium you can collect in just 3 month even in a downtrend market

The strategy is not fool proof, no strategy is but in this course I will show you how to enhance your return

Is this trading for small account?

The short answer is no. you need to have some capital in order to do this strategy well. How much capital will depend on how much is the price of the stock. You can of course do this strategy on a lower price stock and it still will work well

This Strategy will never get outdated and you can pass it to your grandson and the strategy will still work

Still interest? Then …. ….

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