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The Successful Marketers Guide to Linkedin

This class was created to be a one-stop shop for everything a marketer needs to know about getting the most value out of LinkedIn for yourself and your company. It’s a strategic guide with lots of input from top thought leaders and LinkedIn marketing experts.

And it’s all about how to truly tap into the potential and power of social media marketing. That’s because social media marketing is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s a necessary part of a successful integrated marketing approach for driving awareness, leads  and ultimately revenue.

It’s time to take social media marketing to the next level, moving beyond theory to enlightened practice. It’s time to get real results with your social marketing, and this class will help you do just that.

Everything you need to know about marketing on LinkedIn, introduced both strategically and instructionally you can find in this class.

It’s your one-stop class to the vast opportunities that await on Linkedin and the coverage thereof.

In this class you will:

  • Increase brand awareness on Linkedin,
  • Influence perception,
  • Learn the 4-1-1 Method!
  • Generate high-quality leads and
  • Ultimately drive revenue with LinkedIn.
  • Gain tips and practical strategies to tap into the power of Linkedin. We will cover organic and paid ads.
  • Cover profile optimisation.
  • We will cover Linked Pulse.
  • Mobilise employees to amplify reach.
  • Engage connections for rewarding opportunity.
  • Attract more followers and build your brand.
  • Cover Slideshare and its benefits.
  • Cover partner programs, and more!

About the Class:

The class is big on practicality and simplicity of complex jargon and terms. The methods yield predicatably great results within your first  days of using the techniques. Not only will we cover all about Linkedin, but together, step by step I will walk you through Linkedin terms and processes you need for success.

You will achieve Linkedin Mastery for Marketing.

You will be able to use Linkedin to grow your reach for your brand or small business.


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