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Because money didn’t come with instructions – until now!

Isn’t it fascinating how the one thing we ALL use – and need, does not come with any instructions? There are very few courses about money. Not in schools. Not in universities. Not online… Yet we all use it every day in some way or another.

Hi my name is Christo van Zyl. I made my first million before I turned 30– and then lost it all. I discovered my father and grandfather were millionaires also! Yet, they left no book, no course and no instructions on how to make money, keep money, grow money – or how money works…

I have spentmore than 13 years learning every single thing about moneyI could find my hands on. I read books, I listened to audio, I interrogated my life, my fathers and grandfathers’ lives. I even worked for several millionaires to find out what they know about money.

What I discovered was profound – and simple!I have documented these in my own 224 page manual, and tried and tested every single principle for more than 10 years now. I had to prove for myself that they work – and they did.

10 years ago I had massive debt, no income, no place to stay and no job!!! Today I own 2 properties, have 2 vehicles paid off, have investments, savings, amazing technology (which I love) and have paid for travels to more than 18 countries!

I want you to experience the same!

In this course you will learn:

  • How money really works.
  • The true definition of wealth (not just money)
  • The secrets to wealth – why most people fail.
  • All 11 components required to create wealth.
  • A detailed explanation with examples for each component.
  • The simple, practical things you can do immediately.
  • The Wealth matrix – how and why this works.
  • The rules of money – so you will stop losing it!
  • How to make, keep and grow your money.
  • Why these principles work for almost ANY problem

I truly believe you will be blown away by the simplicity! I was! I hope to see you on the inside, to get to know you and to watch you grow and learn the fundamental secrets to wealth – because money didn’t come with instructions – until now!

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