Udemy – The Psychology of Focus & The Productivity System [100% off]

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The Psychology of Focus & The Productivity System

The most important skills we need to thrive today are critical thinking, problem solving, the ability to acquire and understand complex new information… the foundation for all these skills is focus.

Most people are training themselves to be distracted. Most people are learning shallow work styles that get little done. Learning to focus can give you the edge in a distracted world.

This course will give you a foundation of psychology in focus. We’ll talk about your brain, your energy levels and your environment. The last section will be more practical, building on all this psychology, I’ll be handing over the tools you need to get the most out your focused working practice.

The psychology will give you an understanding of why your doing it and the tools will tell you how. It’s important to me that you understand the reasons you’re doing any activity so you’ll continue using the tool for many years.

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