Udemy – The Holman Protocol – Lagom [100% OFF]


This course is about introducing ‘Lagom’ into your life. In a sense it is the international element (along with Hygge) of the Holman Protocol.

With this course you will cover:

  • Death cleaning
  • Lagom in the home
  • How this is NOT Hygge

…and other international elements.


This course is very much about application. Therefore ‘course collectors’ who do not ask questions, discuss, offer comments etc will gain little, if anything from simply letting the lectures run and then collecting a ‘Completion Certificate’. The Holman Protocol (Lagom) is about wellbeing, improving your life – but at your own pace.

Not too fast; not too slow.

No mass enrolments of non-sharers, non-contributors etc.

Just people who want to live, love, share and grow.

Numbers will be kept low with the aim of encouraging everyone to gain through group involvement.


Udemy Coupon Code : https://www.udemy.com/the-holman-protocol-lagom/?couponCode=HOLMANPROTOCOL




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