Udemy – The Financial Analyst Skills Training (FAST) course 2017 [100% off]

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The Financial Analyst Skills Training (FAST) course 2017

136 LECTURES with more than 10 HOURS

Course Description

Master the financial modeling skills with this comprehensive Financial Analyst Skills Training course.

  • Excel functions to analyze and manipulate data
  • Preparing financial statements
  • Analyzing the performance of companies
  • Forecasting a financial model
  • DCF and multiples based valuation

Financial analysts play a very important role in a business organization.

Finance is one of the key departments of an organization covering a range of activities from basic bookkeeping to providing relevant, reliable, timely and accurate financial information in the form of various financial reports to assist management in the process of strategic decision making. The financial information in turn forms a basis for financial analysis. In this way, financial analyst plays a vital role in a business organization.

We have designed this course to be effective in your leaning.

  • The courses are taught by global experts in the field of corporate finance who have worked for large consulting and financial services companies
  • There are real life illustration in all modules that imparts on the job like training
  • There are practice exercises at end of each module to test your learning
  • Our faculty is responsive 24×7 in resolving all your queries related to the course
  • Comprehensive course that covers ALL what you need to know


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