Udemy – The Complete VestaCP Course – Nginx + Apache + MySql + PHP [100% OFF]


Are you looking for something that isPractical and Industry Standard in Managing Servers?

CPanel is the most common solution but it is Not Open Source!

This Course is Dedicated to theMost Cleanest Panel in this World that is Vesta Control Panel.

Vesta can be used for a Web Hosting Businessor as aPersonal Solutionfor Web Hosting Needs

Majority of People want to have a Fast and Reliable hosting servicebut Leading Service Providers charge a lot higher than it should be. and Some day you will definitely need to move to a VPS and then to your own Dedicated Servers.so why not to start it now?

The Main Problemwith VPS and Dedicated Servers is Maintenance, but Vesta CP makes it Automated most of the part and makes it extremely easy to manage using a very clean Graphical User Interface.

Though as a Power System User, you do not loose anything as Vesta has a Great API and CLI Modeas well

Let’s change the way you look at servers and hosting solutions


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