Udemy – The Complete Sicilian Defense Masterclass – A To Z Concept [100% OFF]

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When we talk about chess openings, Sicilian defense will obviously come first in that list. The sicilian defense is the most popular chess opening in the history of chess.This sicilian defense is one of the most favorite choice of each and every top level grandmasters.In this full course i will discuss all the variations related to sicilian defense.

The course content will be like this:

We will starts with classical Sicilian…..

  • CLassical Sicilian
  1. Boleslavsky Approach
  2. Richter-rauzer variation
  3. Sozin Attck

Then We will DIscuss

  • The Najdorf Defense.
  • Scheveningen variation
  • Grand-Prix Attack
  • Alapin Variation
  • Taimanov Variation
  • Sicilian Dragon
  • Smith-Morra Gambit
  • CLosed Sicilian
  • Sicilian Kan
  • Sicilian Moscow Variation
  • Sicilian Rossolimo Attack

Who is the course for?

The course is for all chess players who want to develop their chess opening knowledge and become higher rated chess player.

The course is designed from both white and black’s point of view.


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