Udemy – The Colored Pencil Drawing Techniques Course [100% OFF]


The goal of this course is to get familiar about the principles of painting. You can learn different techniques of painting in the least time and cost as well as creating beautiful models. Actually your skills will be increased gradually in this course and in the next courses by following this teachings.

At the beginning of this course, you will understand the techniques and different tools that are suitable for drawing and painting which are painting techniques with colored pencil, colored ballpoint pen, drawing pencils and you’ll know necessary tools.

In the following of this course, you will learn about Tonality subject that is about knowing the shadows and how to use them to make volume, Also you will learn about Chromatics which is about introducing the basic colors, learn how to combine the colors to reach the secondary and combination colors on the Itten color circle.

We have two designs for the main project that taught completely. First one is an eye that will be taught with colored pencil technique and the next one is a bird which most of the basic and important techniques will taught in this educational design.

At the end of this course, you’ll know and learn colored pencil technique and you’ll learn how to create beautiful designs with colored pencil. In the next course that is the professional course of colored pencil technique, you will learn more complete and comprehensive information of this technique.

I hope you increase your skills unbelievably by using this points in the painting with colored pencil technique. I will be so happy if you help us make these courses with your comments and suggestions.

I also give you the guarantee that you can refund your money if you do not like our course during the first thirty days.


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