Udemy – TeamCity 2017: Build and Deploy the modern way! [100% off]

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TeamCity 2017: Build and Deploy the modern way!

TeamCity 2017 is the latest version of the cutting edge continuous build and deployment platform, JetBrain TeamCity!

In its 2017 edition, TeamCity has gone through quite a few of significant  changes and improvements. It is now a perfect tool for building and deploying the features that developers make on a daily basis automatically as well as on-demand.

As an Technology Manager and a Solution Architect, I tend to design and implement continuous integration and delivery eco systems using TeamCity so what I have brought to this course is based on my real hands-on experience with TeamCity, AWS Code Deploy and MS Build.

After taking this course you will  have the confidence to set up a CI/CD system, build and package your source code, and deploy the build artifacts to servers on Amazon Web Services using AWS Codedeploy. For those who do not use AWS, there will be a lecture for MS Deploy so they can learn the way of deploying .NET applications without using AWS CodeDeploy.

Since developers and DevOps engineers tend to learn best by seeing a real project, I will explain many features of TeamCity over building and deploying a real ASP.NET MVC project as well as a .NET Core project.

Although the project and the examples code is written in .NET, the course is not related to .NET only. You can use your learnings to build and deploy projects of any programming languages such as Jaca, PHP and Python.

“TeamCity 2017: Build and Deploy the modern way”  covers many aspects of CI/CD, and is suitable for DevOps engineers, Developers, Solution Architects and Tech Managers.


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