Udemy – Tarot Deep Dive [100% OFF]


Part II of the Learn Tarot in a Day Series.

It is a course for any one with basic understanding of the tarot, who wants to take their readings to the next level.  Knowing how to read reversed cards will allow you to examine more possibilities (twice more, to be exact) than just reading all cards as upright.  Understanding the nuances of reversals will make your readings more evocative and eloquent.

To take it further, this course will introduce you to the basic (yet very far-reaching) aspects of Astrology and teach you how to apply those concepts to your every-day readings. Understanding the Tarot’s Astrological connection will  expand your basic card’s understanding and take it to a whole new level.  You will be able to receive insight and understanding of situations, identify underlying causes and influences and most importantly, provide guidance through your Tarot readings.



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