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Surpassing Pain - Overcome Pain for Good and Radiate Health

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Surpassing Pain – Overcome Pain for Good and Radiate Health

Sometimes when I listen carefully, I hear them calling my name..

They are the dreams I lost somehow, somewhere along the way. Now, once again, one by one I find them. And this time, I bring them home to stay.

Hello, thanks for staying in my home, and welcome to “Surpassing Pain” training designed to help you take action dealing with pain symptoms to advance your natural, unconscious and spontaneous abilities of healing. My name is Wiktor Gembalski and if you don’t mind I’d like to help you help yourself feeling good.

I’m guessing that you are here because you want to make changes, HAVEN’T YOU … already made lots of changes during your life? So you already know how to bring into view differently a greater range of options actually occurring now. Isn’t that interesting that you’ve never looked at it that way until now?

Right now is the right time for you to restart your life with positive promise and endless opportunity.

No matter how exhausting is the Chronic Fatigue or Fibromyalgia.
No matter how heart-breaking is the break up, divorce or loss of the loved one.
No matter how deep is the Depression
No matter how aching is the Chronic Lower-Back Pain
No matter how dull is the Arthritis
No matter how difficult is the Post-Surgical Pain
No matter how disturbing is the Premenstrual Pain
No matter how scary is the Anxiety
No matter how attentive is the ADHD 
No matter how severe are the Burns
No matter how damaging is the Cancer
No matter how excruciating is the Childbirth
No matter how unbearable are the Kidney Stones
No matter how agonizing are the ToothAbscess
No matter how torturous is the Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
No matter how mind-blowing are the Headaches or Cluster Headaches so called “Suicide Headaches”
No matter how…

No matter where you’ve been until now, you have a life of unlimited potential in front of you, and you’re just now getting started.

  • “Surpassing Pain” now brings you the pain controlling methodologies that hypnotherapists from all over the world have used for years during their therapeutic interventions.
  • “Surpassing Pain” uses the same pain controlling strategies as the US Army Secret Services or CIA.
  • “Surpassing Pain” applies the same INNER GAMES of handling pain used by Mixed Martial Arts Fighters.
  • “Surpassing Pain” utilises Mindfulness and Compassion Meditation approach which is consistently rated by Pain Management Clinics as one of the most useful, effective, and helpful approaches, in dealing with severe and chronic pain symptoms, they have ever come across.

By taking this training you choose to be strong, confident, sure of yourself, unafraid, know what you want to do, have an incredible attitude, know you can do it, get past the pain, focus everything you do on the most positive outcome which is HEALING … and do it.

By knowing that you already have all the resources to deal with pain symptoms successfully and are open to understand the Mind-Body connection you will quickly and easily realize the importance of taking your life in your own hands.

By becoming more aware of your Kinesthetic system you will quickly learn how the process of developing feelings and amplifying them works.

You will learn how motivation and environment modulates the pain experience. You will understand the pain from scientific point of view and you will know what genes are responsible for its function.

  • Rossi E L (2002), effectively argues that novel experiences in and out of hypnosis facilitate brain plasticity through gene expression and rewiring. That is, maladaptive subconscious reflexes are rerouted. So, the hypnotic ability to  dissociate provides a psychophysiological link to the neurocellular processes that alter our responsivity to pain.

You will learn the hypnotic dissociation and the power of suggestion.

  • Esdaile is reputed to have performed a multitude of painless amputations on magnetized patients during the nineteenth century. There is also a detailed account of a mastectomy performed in the early part of the nineteenth century on a magnetized patient Weitzenhoffer A M (1989).

And finally you will learn how to transform the pain into healing by simply applying the laws of physics. You will have much better understanding of healing process.

“Surpassing Pain” isn’t yet another pain management clinic program. I don’t even like the term “Pain Management”. Because what does it mean to manage pain?? It clearly presupposes that doesn’t matter what you do, the pain is still there. Also “Pain Management” clinics don’t appreciate the essential dual nature of pain experience: physiological and psychological. Their therapy practices mainly focus on physical pain and often approach is a heavy use of drugs.

“Surpassing Pain” is a drug free methodology and approach. It’s a thorough study of the pain and healing phenomenon based on modeling 4 groups of professionals:

  • Hypnotherapists
  • CIA agents 
  • Martial Artists
  • Meditators

By having all their knowledge on board as well as your awareness of your own body and mind, you will learn how to transform the pain symptoms into healing process in a very empowering ways.

Even though what you read here might shock you, it has already started working, because we are all designed to be healthy..

Life isn’t about recycling processes that don’t serve you.

Life isn’t about lying down in bed all day ever day.

Life isn’t about continuing to be anxious about your future.

No patient in their right mind would initiate successful pain symptoms therapy without having it researched beforehand.”Surpassing Pain” will take you from weeks, months or perhaps years of research to continues and successful pain handling self development that you can take to another level by utilising numbers of different approaches taught in this course.

I invite you to try “Surpassing Pain” for 30-Day with no questions asked, Money-Back Guarantee.

Also before we advertise in Google and Amazon, you can reserve your personal copy of the “Surpassing Pain”, research based book on our website for a price of 1 pack of Ibuprofen.


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