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Student Short Film-The First Five Weeks-Pre Production Basic

Course Description

You hear everyday that high-school students and lots of other people who want to make films. Granted with digital technology  things have gotten easier but the steps to produce and create  good films are still the same. You might have the technology to assist you but a good story and strong pre- production basics are an absolute necessity for a good film.

Are you a high school students who loves the idea of filmmaking and do not know what to expect in one of the beginning filmmaking classes in college ?

Are you passionate about filmmaking but do not quite know if it is worth going to film school. Try out the weekly guide that is laid out for you in the first five weeks of student short film.

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Why This Course?

Learn from a Filmmaker and a educator about what is involved in the pre-production stages of Filmmaking.These basics have already been tested in a classroom environment and we have gone to create and produce amazing short films. We have found out students at the end of the semester love this bootcamp method or hate it. Based on their experiences they find career paths which they are are more interested in . Students who love the energy,chaos and the limited creativity of being on shoe string budgets have gone on to crowd fund and produce their next short.

This is a step by step guide as to why do we need certain production documents?Why do we have to limit our locations and the characters? I have put together the first five weeks of work that is required for producing and directing a short film. This course will give you a weekly breakdown of the work that a student filmmaker absolutely needs to do before they film.


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