Udemy – Strumming for the Curious Guitarist [100% off]


Welcome to Strumming for the Curious Guitarist!  This is a cumulative and fast paced course to turn you into a strumming & rhythm guitar master.  We start at the very beginning, assuming that you don’t know anything about rhythm, beats, strumming, or counting and work through until you can read, write, count, tap, and strum any rhythm you want!  I will bring out your inner drummer and have you strumming with conviction in every rhythm scenario.  Strumming & rhythm is the most important skill a guitar player can possess – but most guitarists don’t work on it.  You can set yourself above most other guitar players by going through this course with me to the end.

This course has only one section – Strumming.  Every lesson video in this course has a PDF attachment which are the written rhythms to use as an additional resource while strumming with these videos.

Your guitar teacher, Dan, was a serious drummer before becoming a guitarist.  This drum knowledge is being directly applied to the guitar – and now to you.

Try it – it’s fun!


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