Udemy – Strategy: Learn The Art of Differentiation [100% OFF]


Learn how top companies and industry leaders use the technique of differentiation to create extremely successful business strategies

Imagine being able to stand out and attract customers that really value what you offer – where you DON’T have to compete on price or basic feature

That’s the power of differentiation!

Excellent business growth starts with great differentiation. Many confuse this with simply being unique – but this can be a trap. Actually knowing how to do it correctly is a fundamental skill for any budding entrepreneur looking for a winning edge.

Use this course to master how to use differentiation to become a leader capable of developing exceptional products & services that will attract devoted customers as part of a successful business strategy – that you’ve created.

In this course I use my 30-years experience to explain in detail exactly how the top companies and industry leaders build extremely successful business growth strategies and value propositions – quickly and to great effect.

Learn 3 key tools that are central to developing great differentiation. Assess how any business iscurrently differentiating itself, and crucially, know how you can improve its differentiation and business strategy – to unlock the route to long-lasting business development.

Using easy-to-follow examples, you will learn “The Art of Differentiation”, which will allow you to grow your differentiation, and therefore take any business model, idea, product or service to the next level.

Ready?So, where to begin?

It starts by identifying which of your current competences are enabling you to capture business – and which ones could do so in the future. But it’s not just a case of knowing your strengths and weaknesses – I’ll show you how some competences are more important than others!

It’s also about understanding how you can create real value for your customers – and who those customers should be.

And it’s the reason industry leaders have achieved excellent business development.

In addition, I will explain the common mistakes I have witnessed, having worked with many businesses around the world over 30 years, so you can avoid these too.

Enrol now, and discover how to:

  • Assess any business on how well it is currently differentiating itself and how to improve its differentiation and business strategy
  • Stop competing purely on price or basic feature
  • Secure the right customers with a differentiating business strategy
  • Identify your actual core strengths – which are often very different to what you thought!
  • Avoid the common pitfalls of business development and strategy
  • Grow a business in a long-lasting and fun way
  • Identify potential disablers – and know which ones you need to tackle
  • Create real value for your target customers and therefore secure the future

This course also includes:

  • 3 Downloadable Tools to help you assess and build your own differentiating strategy
  • Activities + Quizzes to put your knowledge into action immediately

By the end of this course you will gain the skills and tools to ultimately develop your own differentiating business strategies and value propositions to secure solid business development, and most importantly know where to start.

This course is an exciting journey of business strategy discovery for those with the desire to grow.

Let’s get started!


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