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Storytelling to Influence

Course Description

Storytelling to influence is a hot topic today!  Sadly though, how to tell stories to influence is one of those “easier said than done” things in life isn’t it?  I certainly felt that way years back when I started on my own path at becoming better at storytelling to influence, especially in my professional life where data and rational thought were the only influence tools used.

Oh, I’m sure you’ve noticed I keep saying storytelling to influence, and not just storytelling.  After all, any of us can tell a story for fun, but a story to influence is a little different, with a different intention and outcome, which is to influence.  And in my five years plus of studying and practicing storytelling to influence, I found most storytelling tools don’t really work in an influence situation, which frustrated me!

I fully intend to prevent you from having that same frustration and that’s why this course was born. And all it takes is to watch three main lessons spread over 23 short videos!

I’ve made this course as simple to learn as possible, and with fun characters and stories to help you remember the tools to influence with a story.  In this course, you’ll learn how to find stories, attach a few meanings to every story, how to safely practice storytelling to influence privately till you’re ready to do it publicly, and when it’s time, to slip influence stories naturally and comfortably into your conversation.  You’ll also find exercises and quizzes at selected parts of the course to really make the lessons stick.  And by the way, my learning company is called Sticky Steps because our tips and tools stick with you – forever!


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