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Stock Market Investment: Applied Financial analysis

Be honest to yourself. How many of you are investing in the stock market without knowing anything about the company’s financials?

Are you simply relying on the wiggly lines on the price chart to make trading decisions?

Are you heavily relying on analysts or brokers for stock tips?

Is that really enough? The truth is, it is not! You need to know exactly what you are investing into. And to do that, you need to know financial statement analysis!

There are many questions like:

  • Is the company going to be profitable?
  • Is management manipulating the earnings?
  • Can the company sustain its operations?

Obviously you would like to know these answer but when you try to read the company’s financial statements, you get lost!

  • Where to start?
  • What does each number mean?
  • How long is this going to take me!

In this course, I will teach practical financial analysis for investors. Starting with the profit and loss statements, we will move onto the balance sheet, and eventually to cash flow.

Along the way, I will discuss concepts like:

  • How do you spot trends to forecast the company’s future.
  • What is core and non core earnings?
  • How do we determine if earnings are repeatable?
  • How management can manipulate earnings.
  • The truth about acquisitions.
  • Warning signs to lookout for.
  • This course shall be conducted by an experience instructor with years of proven track record.

Unlike some other courses out there where you just hear instructors talking endlessly, and you only see boring text in their presentation, this course will include animations, images, charts and diagrams help you understand the various concepts.

This is also not a motivation class where I preach to you that you must work hard to succeed, or you must have discipline to profit from the market.

In this course, you will learn actionable methods and frame work.

In addition, Udemy and I promise a 30 day money back guarantee so you have absolutely no risk. If I fail to deliver up to your expectations, you can have your money back after attending the course. No questions asked.

So what are you waiting for? Its time to take action! Go ahead to click on the enrol button. I will see you at our course.


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