Udemy – Startup Pitching Crash Course – Learn To Pitch Properly [100% off]

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Startup Pitching Crash Course - Learn To Pitch Properly

Course Description


“Leon is an incredibly knowledgable and smart teacher! I normally don’t like purchasing Udemy courses but this was really worth it!”

(Ben S., MN, USA)

“This was simply great! Thanks for compressing the knowledge and teaching me what I wanted to learn. Great video, audio and content! Can really recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn how to pitch!” 

(Annette D., Germany)

Have you struggled with pitching but do you need money in order to build your business? Then this course will jumpstart you on how to pitch your startup properly. Only 0.05% of all companies every receive venture capital, 97% of those companies are middle-size businesses. Let’s turn this around and make you stand out. Let’s boost your confidence and give you a clear guideline on how to lay out your content, structure your slides, assess problems, convince venture capitalists and leave a positive long-lasting impression.

Building a business can become much easier if you receive venture capital. I know it first hand. I took my business from 0USD to 4.3Million USD in only 2 years because of venture capital. There is risk behind venture capital and we have to take it very seriously. Venture capital is not the only way to go. I will address exactly this in the course. Nevertheless, venture capital is connected to most often a distribution network (that the venture capitalists has access to). You will also most likely receive guidance and support which can also be very valuable for young entrepreneurs.

When I was 14 years old, I had my first pitch. I failed miserably. I know how you feel. And, I will help you get through. By purchasing this course, you will not just take your pitching skills to the next level but will actually save tons of money. Here is why: You are right now in the right position in order to receive 10.000 USD, 50.000 USD, 500.000USD or even 1.000.000 USD in venture capital. Taking this course means getting much closer to the amount of capital that you need in order to finally build your business. Looking for mentors takes years. You should not waste time looking for a mentor because I will be yours. If you have any questions, you can contact me at any time and I will answer you in detail!

Furthermore, taking this course is COMPLETELY RISK FREE! You can get your money back within 30 days of purchase!

So, what are you still waiting for? ENROLL NOW and learn how to pitch your startup business properly!


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