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Welcome to this course,

In this course I will be giving information related to various introductory topics in social psychology.

The primary focus of Social Psychology, is the social world which has changed tremendously in recent years under technological advancements. These changes have important implications for how we think about ourselves and other people. Social psychology is the branch of psychology that studies all aspects of our behaviour with and toward others, our feelings and thoughts about them and the relationships we develop with them. The central message for social psychology as a field and for any book that seeks to represent it, is: Keep up with these technological changes in terms of their implications for social life and this is precisely what has been done in this course.

The exhaustive treatment of the topics, in a cogent manner, enables the students to grasp the subject in an easy-to-understand manner.

Written in an engaging style, the course is intended for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of social psychology and sociology/social works.

Generations of college students have learned social psychology from this course Introductions to Social Psychology  it provides balanced, up-to-date, and accurate coverage of basic topics, research, and theories. Balancing cutting-edge findings and classic work in the field, the user-friendl


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