Udemy – Skillshare Success #2: Maximize Premium Students Enrollments [100% off]

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Skillshare Success #2: Maximize Premium Students Enrollments

Course Description

SKILLSHARE Success # 2:   SURVIVAL Tips for Newbies – Maximize Premium Students Enrollment

To succeed in Skillshare – Enroll Premium Students into our classes as that is how we get paid.  Know when to stop free enrollments!


Read the Reviews by Skillshare Students:

Marian Heddesheimer

  • Very useful information.

    Reine Kassulker
  • I really enjoyed this course. When I have my first course ready, I will come back and do the project. Thank you!

    David Ault
  • You always get some great tips with Rosa’s classes and I especially like Strategy Tip 4 in this particular class!

    Hana Stejskalova
  • I found here very useful information. Even I knew these options, I didn’t think about this way. Thank you for that! 🙂

    Adenan Padil
  • Thanks Rosa..now i see why they include 2 links in ther promotions..thanks for sharing your knowledge..awesome class!

    Alan H. Jordan
  • I am a newbie Skillshare Instructor and this class helped me to avoid a number of potentially costly mistakes. For example, I had received an email when I reached 25 students in one of my classes which gave me the impression that I only needed 25 students in any class to receive payment. This class corrected that issue. Also, there are good tips on how to build a project.

    M Taylor
  • Very valuable, actionable information taught in this course. Great insights for new teachers.

    David Henry
  • It has some good advice.

    John Thronton
  • I got Rosa’s other class on Skillshare and I thought it was a winner. This one is even better as I watch her handle her mistake and how she reached out to support team to get the needed help. It is so good she shares this openly with us as these are founded and proven strategies. Take this class.

Mike Ingram

  • I love watching classes from Rosa. They’re always packed full of information. If you’re fairly new to Skillshare then get this class. It will prevent you from making elementary errors which could cost you dearly.

My Skilshare students are having great successes in Skillshare using my Tips.  If you are starting out, get as many tips as you are able to so that you get paid!

I’ve done a lot of different methods to market my Skillshare classes.  While it is great to see our followers increasing and the number of students taking our courses growing day by day, we also look forward to receiving our monthly payment to pay our bills.

It takes a lot of FAITH to open our paypal email every month.

We never know what to expect because there isn’t an overall graph to see the number of enrollments to all our courses in Skillshare.

  • It’s great to receive 3 FAT payments!
  • But what a DISAPPOINTMENT when we discover that our Royalty Payment is unexpectedly LOW! Our jaws drop.  What happened?  Why so low? What went wrong? Skillshare made a mistake, it must be!   And so we thought……

This happened to me in the June, 2016 payment.  I could not rationalize this.  It’s illogical:

  • I had more courses created, royalty payment should be higher.
  • I had more students enrollment, royalty payment should increase.
  • I had more followers, royalty payment should grow.
  • I spent more time marketing, it should reflect in our royalty payment.
  • So all this “More”  & “Should”

Learn this Critical Lesson from my mistake!

I used an entire month of July to dig into what went wrong.  I’ve contacted the Skillshare support teams to search out for the reasons behind all this.  They’ve given me sound advice. Skillshare didn’t make any mistakes in the Royalty payment.

I am creating this course for Newbies so that you don’t make the same mistake I made.

I’ve KEYED into the critical lesson I learned from my mistakes so that you don’t make them.

In this course:

1  Learn from my GRAVE mistake.

2. Understand the difference between Premium Enrollments & Free Enrollments

3.  Understand the POWER of Premium Enrollments that give you Royalty

4.  Know when to begin and stop and start again with Free Enrollments

5.  Try to think from the students perspective when they click on your class links.

This course will continue to upgrade as the months move along!

September is going to feed us all with FAT pay cheques!


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