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My Press:

‘An artist of considerable sophistication’ – The Musician Magazine, UK

‘Recalling the great lady vocalists of the past.. a woman armed with a powerful, emotional voice capable of carrying entire albums with its frank and engaging timbre’ – YouBloom Headroom, L.A.

‘A great voice’  – John McGlynn, Anuna, Ireland

Named One to Watch twice by Nashville Songwriters Association


In this practical singing course you will learn how to find your own unique singing style whilst maintaining a healthy voice. We will look at

  • Breathing
  • Range 
  • Voice qualities (the vocal techniques needed for singing particular styles of music)
  • The break in the passagio
  • Avoiding constriction
  • Projection
  • Diction 
  • Looking after your voice: safe singing

The course is very practical with exercises in every lecture.It is designed to look at one topic every day, but you can keep going back to the exercises which are most useful to you. You can also ask questions and send mp3s for individual feedback on your singing.

The exercises will help you avoid common singing problems like constriction (a feeling of tightness and not being able to get medium high notes out), bridging the break in the passagio (when the higher part of your voice sounds different to the lower part), running out of breath or lack of stamina.

I hold a Master of Music degree and have been teaching singing since 2005 and am myself a signed artist.I have worked with multiplatinum musicians right the way through to young children. At present my youngest student is 6 and the oldest is 102! There are no barriers to finding your voice. Age, experience and negative experiences in the past don’t need to stand in the way. I have worked with people just after vocal surgery, I have worked with people who are terrified, I have worked with people who have had their confidence knocked and together we got through the problems and freed up the voice.

I pay as much attention to my Udemy students as my onsite students, and if you email me an mp3 or ask me a question you can expect a quick, detailed reply. I’m here to help you!

‘Eve Williams is by far one of the best singing teacher that I have encountered in this platform. She is straight to the point, engaging and experienced. I found the tips and techniques taught to be helpful in improving my voice range and singing well.’  – Aderonkje, Udemy student

This course is INCREDIBLE ! I got what I needed ! Eve Williams is by far one of the best singing teacher that I have encountered. After joining the singing courses, the 2nd day I got breakthrough in the high notes, in the 3rd day my singing range increased and had more power and started manage different styles of singing’ – Keith, Udemy student


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