Udemy – Shopify Split Testing: Conversion Rate Optimization [100% off]


Course Summary:

Learn all about Split Testing for E-Commerce stores and how just a few small changes can improve your sales, revenue and profit. In this course, I explain what Split Testing is, how it works, and what you need to consider before running any A/B tests. Then, I breakdown some of the top split tests to run on your own websites and E-Commerce stores. These include the split tests that have led to explosive conversion rate improvements for my own websites in the past. Finally, I provide some extra tips as well as helpful advice on how to take action on all of the course content.

Learn from a 7 Figure Store Owner and Udemy Best Selling E-Commerce Instructor, Adam Reed.

About Your Instructor:

Adam is a Best Selling Udemy instructor with over 35,000 students enrolled in his various Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing and E-Commerce courses. Many of his students now own their own successful online businesses, and some are even travelling the world while earning a healthy income from their ventures. Adam has run E-Commerce ventures since he was just 15 Years Old. With 8 Years under his belt, he’s now 23 and has a wealth of experience in E-Commerce. Recently, he grew a Shopify dropshipping store to over $1,000,000 in sales in just over a year, without ever holding any inventory.


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