Udemy – Scrum User Story Writing Mastery, Agile Project Management [100% OFF]


User Story writing is a key Agile skill to develop and master to increase flow and value through any Agile team. A lot of issues are solved with well defined and written user stories. Teams will have less false starts, less starting and stopping during Sprints, and increased flow and predictability.

Here are the components and context needed to write GREAT User Stories that are not taught anywhere else.

This course includes:

  • Product Backlog and Sprint Backlog
  • What is a Healthy Backlog?
  • Three C’s
  • Who Writes User Stories
  • How to write Great Acceptance Criteria
  • Dependency Management
  • Writing Tasks, or Not
  • Relative Estimation
  • CUE
  • Definition of Ready and Definition of Done
  • Three Amigos
  • Ideaboardz[dot]com Walkthrough

This course is about what the ideal Product Backlog is and how it benefits the whole team.  The questions “What are the good parts of a user story?” and “What it should not be?” will be answered. A structured language template for user stories will be provided.

What is Relative Estimation? How it can be used to increase team predictability? And how not to use user story points in Agile Project Management? are all questions that will be answered too.

You will become familiar with Definition of Ready and Definition of Done as social agreements your teams will use to increase communication levels and collaborate more efficiently.

Last but not least this course will introduce you to me and the community I am building of Agile Practitioners whom want to constantly improve in all areas Agile.


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