Udemy – Quick start painting with watercolours, play & learn PART 1 [100% off]

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Quick start painting with watercolours, play & learn PART 1


This is my QUICK, KICK START painting course for those of you who think you can’t or don’t have time, let alone learn to relax

This is a shorter version of my best selling course ‘Painting – you can. Just play & learn. I’ll show you how.’ I have created it for super busy people who want to learn to paint but think they can’t or don’t have time.

So you want to learn to paint but either think you can’t or don’t have the time

Get ready to learn and relax as you play through this non threatening and friendly ‘play – cedure’.

This is what one student posted in her blog :- ‘I was so surprised to find that she (Nicola) started very simply, just playing with water and unmixed colors of paint. Slowly a beautiful patchwork of designs appeared on her page. Where borders and boundaries in the art were a bit blurred, she went in with a pen and neatened them up. Sometimes she chose to add designs with the pen and then paint over them, and other times she added swirls and triangles to the dried paint. With growing excitement I realized that this project was well within my comfort zone.’

With no one looking over your shoulder and no expectations you will find you are learning through play and gaining the confidence to do more. Most of all just enjoy the pleasure of doing it.

If, however, you don’t enjoy it and are not happy you can claim a full refund within 30 days. No questions asked.


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