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udemy course - personal branding masterclass

This Personal Branding MasterClass helps you identify your strengths and develop the qualities that recommend you. On one hand it teaches you to communicate these strengths effectively and turn them into key messages; on the other hand, it shows you how to use them as unique competitive advantages for your career or business – in short, to differentiate what you have to offer professionally.

The course is right for you if:

  • You are at the beginning of your career or wish a change and want to promote yourself either in the company where you are working or among the potential employers.
  • You want to know more about how to promote yourself in the field you are already active in, to get more customers or to become more familiar with your community (business or career).
  • You are an entrepreneur, and a strong personal brand can help you promote your business.
  • You work or want to start a career in areas such as Life / Business / Corporate Coaching, Training, Vocational Counseling, Personal Development Counseling, Leaderhsip, etc.


The benefits of the Personal Branding MasterClass course translate into building an authentic personal brand and creating an online and offline communication plan that takes you to the next professional level: whether we are talking about position consolidation or an update or a step forward in a new direction. It’s not a “successful” prefabricated recipes, but an authentic assessment and transformation.

What you will learn in the course:

  • The brand and the elements of a brand
  • Defining your personal brand
  • Strengths, points of improvement, values, personality traits, brand promise.
  • Personal Brand Architecture
  • Communication plan for your personal brand
  • Channels for online and offline communication
  • Monitoring your personal brand

You will work on your own personal branding plan, ready to be implemented when you complete this course. Branding exists at all levels of personal and professional life, whether we are trying to promote ourselves in a particular sector, trying to sell a service or product, trying to get a job, trying to convince our audience or wanting success in interpersonal relationships. Personal Branding is a process of developing personal reputation with the goal of gaining notoriety for a person, being known for certain skills, having competitive advantages, differentiating and becoming memorable for specific features.

Without realizing, we are Brands. It only takes a simple interaction with a person for labeling.

Personal branding is a powerful and very important tool because it sends a direct, clear and relevant message about you and / or what you have to offer. A strong and authentic personal branding helps you get to know your strengths, differentiate you and position you as an expert on your niche. In a busy and very agitated world, personal branding helps you discover your qualities through your own personality and reach your career and / or business goals.

We will discover together what makes you UNIQUE and many more within the Personal Branding course.

The Personal Branding course does not address only to the entrepreneurs or managers, but to all those who feel the growing competition in the today context, which is in a constant change. Because it is about a more clear definition of the personal and professional position, it’s definitely very useful to all those who are at a crossroads in the career, a moment that inevitably appears on the path of professional development.

(The course contains practical exercises)


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