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Are you struggling with turnover and a track record of unsuccessful hires? Are your interviews failing to produce enough reliable information to pick consistent ‘winners’? Are you missing out on the best candidates, often losing them to the competition?

Whether you’re a seasoned HR professional or an entry-level recruiter, job market insider and hiring strategist Ryan Lecour shares his refreshing blueprint to guide you through the interviewing and hiring process with a step-by-step method that secures the best fit every time.

The interview is the only window you have for observing candidates. Business-building and team-transforming decisions are based on these limited and precious hours. Many take credit for the quote ‘a company is only as good as its people’. Truer words cannot be said. And the interview is ground zero for determining how good your company is going to be.

In this course, Ryan teaches invaluable foundations on interview planning & execution. Students will learn essential strategies for question building, test administration and candidate evaluation. They’ll also learn key tactics for achieving clarity and verification with candidate profiles, personalities and work history. The course upholds a constant respect for the crucial role the interview plays in determining the fate of companies in areas of team-building and employee selection.

Learn to hire consistent winners with proven interview techniques from a leading recruiting strategist

The following are some of the key things you will learn how to do in this course:

  • Cut to the heart of the truth with penetrating sequences of probing questions that reveal critical details surrounding the candidate’s career change history
  • Identify the elements of strong and weak candidate questions and learn to evaluate how they contribute to the overall strength of the candidacy
  • Bring awareness to unconscious biases that tend to creep into the process and mitigate or eliminate their effect while restoring objectivity and sound evaluation
  • Lead the stakeholder synchronization meeting with an organized method that efficiently captures the various dimensions of the position and sets the table for the interview plan
  • Establish preemptive compensation discussions early in the interview process and setup foundations for favorable offer negotiations
  • Build an interview kit that guides the interview and ensures the best use of time for all personnel involved in the process

Ryan draws on nearly a decade of experience witnessing how the interview has the power and influence to ‘make or break’ companies. From supplying key personnel to the offices of Apple, Google and many other Fortune 100 companies, to starting and operating his own successful HR firm, Ryan has learned that decisions on matters of hiring are difficult and almost always based on incomplete information. The interview is the key tool that hiring professionals can wield in order to bridge this gap in hopes of bringing consistent success to candidate selection. The success of a company hinges on the effectiveness of its interviewing.


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