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Numbers in German

Do you get numbers like 54 and 45 mixed up when trying to say them in German?
Do you find it difficult to understand what the German cashier said you need to pay?
Do you struggle to understand what time it is if the other person uses the 12-hour clock in German?

You are not alone!

Many German learners struggle with numbers, even if they are advanced students.

This comprehensive course covers everything you ever wanted to know about numbers in German.
You will learn …

  • to count to a million (if you really want to ☺)
  • to say and understand telephone numbers
  • to understand and use the 24 and 12-hour clock
  • to understand and use the correct currency, prices and sizes when shopping in Germany
  • to be able to have a go at some maths in German (I made it simple, but you can make it harder)
  • know how to use ordinal numbers in German

All this will be reinforced with quizzes, and reading, listening and writing exercises.

This course is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3 and available 24/7.
At the end of this course you will be my “Number” one fan ☺


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