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Having the ability to act in a negotiation makes you very powerful. 

There are many tactics people use to take away your power. Very quickly you can be stuck and the other person is taking advantage of you.  Don’t let this happen to you.

This course gives you the ability to use very powerful negotiation tactics to protect yourself. With these negotiation tactics you can take control and get what you want by choice, not by chance.

You’ll immediately identify when a tactic is used against you. You can then use to counter to that tactic so turn it around so you take the power back. And you’ll be able to use these tactics to successfully get what you want.

Hello and welcome to the forth module in the Negotiation Magic series.

Negotiating Tactics and Counter Tactics. 

My name is Damian Andrews and I’ve been working and teaching in business for over 25 years.

The ability to negotiate is one of the most powerful skills you can have. In business, being a good negotiator will help you close more sales. At home it will help you get your children to do their homework. And yes it is one of the fastest ways you can make money on the planet.

Life is much easier for those that can negotiate well. They have more wealth, happiness and success. And it’s so much simpler to get what you what.

And that’s what this set of courses will teach you.

This course set is designed to be the most potent base for effective negotiations. It is created around giving you the knowledge you need fast. And providing you with exercises that grow your knowledge from learning to action to results.

Excellent negotiators have a process to ensure consistent results. This course set gives you an inside look at those powerful skills.

Be warned. Some of these skills are highly manipulative. They are very powerful and will ensure you can reach a win win outcome. Without these skills you might be at the mercy of a someone that wants to rip you off for everything you’ve got.

This series of courses outlines the complete model used by excellent negotiators.

There are 5 key parts to the the negotiation model and these are:

  • The Negotiating Principles that allow great negotiators to be effective
  • The Negotiation Model itself
  • The 16 Sources of Power.
  • The 19 Negotiation Tactics and Counter Tactics.
  • The 37 mistakes to avoid and how to avoid them.

Each of these parts play a critical role in the negotiation process. And you can have these skills

Enrol now in this life changing course.

Negotiation Magic 4 – Negotiating Tactics and Counter Tacticsis the fourth part of the most potent negotiation course you will find. It will transform the way you interact with others. You will be able to get what you want more quickly than ever before.You’ll be amazed and surprised at what you can do with the skills taught in this course. You’ll make money faster than ever before. The opportunities are truly endless.

And with a 30 day money back guarantee, what do you have to loose. If you are not getting the immediate results, then you’ll get a full refund. No questions asks. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Enrol now, pull up a chair and be a powerful negotiator.


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