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Music Theory Vol.3

This course is dedicated to learn about chord progressions. This is the number 3 in the Music Theory Series, so if you want to take the most of it´s content is a good idea to go over the entire series, but if you are familiar with the basic music terminology and terms as scales and chords are understandable for you, this course is for you.

Having a deeper knowledge of music theory is part of music fundamentals and it is necessary in order to be able to improve your understanding of what you are playing and reading, this will help you to become a self taught learner being able to keep learning chords and progressions that are used in different genres.

Some of the terms that you will learn in this course are:

  • Chords progressions
  • Tonal functions
  • Chord progression: I IV V I
  • Chord progression: I VI II V I
  • The basic Jazz progression: II V I
  • All these progressions will be learnd on major and minor keys.

This course has downloadable material that will help you to follow and practice all the exercises that are included in the lectures and examples of this course.

Join this course today and enhance your music knowledge.


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