Udemy – Mindfulness Meditation For Everyday Living [100% off]

Mindfulness Meditation For Everyday Living

Course Description

Why take this course? This course is intended for you if you are looking to relax, be in your body and enjoy your life. When you are mindful of your breath and grounded in your body it makes it much easier to navigate everyday tasks and the nuanced dance of relating to yourself and others.

Mindfulness is the ability to notice what is in present time. When you notice signals of stress like scrunching up your shoulders or holding your breath, you can pause and make a new choice. You can choose to relax, breathe and drop your shoulders. You can begin freshly.

Mindfulness offers you the option of breaking physical, mental and emotional holding patterns which enable you to make healthy choices.

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Be present rather than lost in future fantasies or past regrets
  • Course correct physically, feel better and save on health care bills
  • Find peace of mind
  • Experience more self-love

How is it structured? The course is structured into 8 sections so that you can watch it in convenient increments of 15-minutes or less making it easy for you to integrate into your life.

I suggest that you watch 1 section per week so that you have time to practice. The mind learns through repetition. Practice is essential. The great thing is that you can do these practices as you live your life.

What materials do I get?

  • Videos to guide you deeply into restorative practices
  • Guided audio meditations intended to integrate your learning
  • Writing prompts to inspire journaling
  • Bonus section from Ken Wells
  • Bonus lecture from me, Padma Gordon

I have carefully designed these materials to support you in deepening into embodied mindfulness so that you can live a healthy and deeply fulfilled life. Are you ready to begin? The time is now.


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