Udemy – Millionaire mindset of sales and marketing for entrepreneurs [100% off]

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Millionaire mindset of sales and marketing for entrepreneurs

Course Description

We will start learning 21 principles ( cognitive biases ) that during many years improved and developed by many different experts in business and psychology . these 21 principle are the psychology of human misjudgment and if you use them in your business , marketing or sales you can increase your revenue to a whole new crazy level . it doesn’t matter what you do , where are your working or …. , if you know these you can make good money . you can convince people to buy from you by just looking at your ads , going to your website , watching a video from you on YouTube or even talking with you . You will learn how successful people and companies became successful and changed the world , techniques that amazon , Walmart , apple and many other successful companies are using which cause them to have such a high revenue . there are many people in the world that are using only 1 or 2 of these techniques and they are making millions of dollars , also you can find their names in the book of Guinness world records as greatest sales man in their field .


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