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Course Description

Tell us if you know this feeling: you want to start your own project and create an online course. You know how to create the content. You have an idea about filming it, and even if it will be difficult you’ll get it done. You thought to yourself – “Will people like my stuff?” and managed to overcome that.

The paradox is that, even if you managed the steps above really well, ultimately the success of your course will be in large part determined by your marketing.

How do you get traffic?

How do you make it appealing?

How do you handle all these different course platforms?

How in the world do you use Facebook Ads and what are funnels ?!

That’s where Marketology comes into play. In this course we will give you an overview of all the elements you need to market an online course, regardless of the platform you choose. Discover how to:

  • Position yourself on online teaching platforms such as Udemy, Skillshare or Teachable
  • Control the aspects that make your courses convert & build a strong online presence
  • Master the pre-launch and launch sequences and improve your course quality based on student feedback

We’ll also touch on a number of other topics including Social Proof, improving student engagement, getting feedback from your students or running webinars to promote your product.

This course is intended to act as a roadmap – you’ll get the guide to all these steps, but ultimately it will be up to you to pick and choose the advice that suits you the best. There are a number of ways to market your online courses, so choose wisely!


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