Udemy – Make Your First Multiplayer Game With GameMaker Studio [100% off]

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Make Your First Multiplayer Game With GameMaker Studio

This course is for those who want help producing their first multiplayer game for GameMaker Studio users. Students will produce a game called “Paddleball With Your Friends” where two players play against each other in scoring goals.

GameMaker Studio is a popular game engine for making 2D games. The engine is capable of making multiplayer games. Many amazing games have been made with GameMaker Studio, which, is why it’s the engine we use in this course.

Making multiplayer games are difficult, but, we guide you through on how to make a simple game with the assistance of the Suspendee Studio Networking Engine. This course is not for learning the basic networking functions for GameMaker Studio, but to help get you on track for making multiplayer games.


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