Udemy – Make Magical Videos with VideoScribe like a PRO in 60 Minute [100% OFF]

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Learn How you can create Magical Video Content with Video Scribe. Know the introduction and importance of Story Boarding.

The process of taking a script or speech and turning it into a visual presentation enables a real focus on the content of the message. Research shows that 70% of LEARNING is attained VISUALLY, so making the visual element engaging and relevant is important.

Rather than trying to break down a script into slides or bullet points, the emphasis is on the original content and finding ways to enhance rather than to recreate it to fit a tool.

Videos are easier to transport to other platforms. Sharing a video is much easier than sharing a PPT. Platforms like YouTube mean that your presentations can reach a global audience quickly without the need of the correct software. You simply press play and away you go.

VideoScribe helps the presenter focus on the design of the presentation, enriching it and controlling where the focus should be. People will compelled to see what is drawn next with voice and audio keeping the flow of the message. Next time you’re tempted by PowerPoint, try Video Scribe instead.

You will be Understanding the Basics of Video Scribe

  • Create a New Scribe
  • Store Data online Cloud
  • Settings
  • Saved Projects

With the help of Video Scribe Project, You will be able to

  • Design the Paper Texture and colour for your personalized video
  • Add Images to the Canvas from your own photo Gallery or from Video Scribe Photo library
  • Add Text to the Canvas
  • Add Chart to the Canvas (Pie, Bar, Line)
  • Add or change a music track for the scribe
  • Add or change a voiceover for the scribe
  • Select a Different Hand Base for a Scribe
  • Editing the Scribe
  • Preview the Scribe
  • Publish the Video on your Social Media Network


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