Udemy – Make an Epic Video with your GoPro Footage in iMovie [100% off]

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Make an Epic Video with your GoPro Footage in iMovie

Course Description

Do you have awesome footage from your last vacation but never did anything with the beautiful footage?  Footage is only as good as the final edited product and that’s why this course takes what seems like a scary editing challenge and turns you into a video editing hacking pro to get a quick result- a sick video! You don’t have to go to school for video editing (I didn’t!) you just need enough to get by and a few hacks along the way.

In this course we’ll cover:

  • How to tell a visual story (Montage vs. Chronology)
  • Importing video into iMovie
  • Choosing Music (copyright free if you plan to publish for money on YouTube)
  • Edit Action clips like a pro – slow mo, bass drops, blackouts
  • Move past roadblocks: going through so much crap footage!
  • How to Publish
  • How to upload to YouTube


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