Udemy – Listia: How to Use It To Build a Home Based Business [100% off]

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Listia: How to Use It To Build a Home Based Business

Course Description

Over 1000 students have already enrolled !

How Much Are You Willing To Invest To Receive A Monthly Salary Of Over $1000?

Some would pay $5.000, $10.000, even $24.000, if you consider it as an investment that returns in just two years!

Well, now you can invest a lot less money and earn the same amount in your pocket by simply purchasing this course. Take a look at the second lecture, which is made public, to see a few facts from my Paypal account.

Keep in mind that this course is available at this price only this month.After this, the price will increase.

This is a medium length course that teaches you how to earn extra money or even make a monthly income with Listia. It is about different techniques of internet marketing, which can also be used for other websites.

There is no special requirements in order to take this course, all you need to know is a few basic things like computers and surfing the internet.

This course contains video materials with presentation to highlight main ideas, screencasts which show you step by step instructions to do certain tasks, text material that contains additional help (links, detailed instructions, rules, etc.) The course can be divided into several days or it can be completed in a few hours straight. We would recommend dividing it, however, because the amount of information can be overwhelming for some and there are hands-on tasks that need to be done.

The course is structured around main ideas highlighted In presentations. Each section has a conclusion. The beginning of the section highlights the main ideas, which are then elaborated and the conclusion recaps those ideas to summarize the information presented. There’s also a quiz at the end of each section to strengthen your knowledge.

For your comfort, we’ve arranged the presentations into videos, but they can also be downloaded in the “Additional Resources” tab of the course.

Taking this course can be very rewarding as it shows not only specific information for Listia, but general techniques for making money on the internet.


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