Udemy – Learn the Secret of Digital Dog Paintings Using MS Paint [100% off]

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Learn the Secret of Digital Dog Paintings Using MS Paint

Seeing is believing, I will draw a dog head right in front of you only using Microsoft Paint as my main painting tool and Paint.NET as an assistant tracing tool.

You will learn the same skills after some practice which I specially designed for you. No expensive software needed, just buy a drawing tablet according to your budget from $25-$100.

You can play some relax music, then start your painting journey. I think this painting activity is better than coloring a book, because it is more creative and fun. I am pretty sure after some practice, you will draw good pictures.

This course reveal the secret of “Simple is Beautiful!”

Topics Covered:

 * Why use Microsoft Paint
* Choose-Your-Drawing-tablet
* Tools and tips we’ll use in MS paint
* Microsoft Paint Keyboard Shortcuts
* Drawing practice of MS Paint
* Download and install Paint.NET
* Download reference photo from pixabay
* Trace dog photo in Paint.NET
* Step-by-step painting process

After you have finished the whole course and follow the course step by step, you can draw anything you like. This course is a good start if you, your family members or your kids want to learn or use high-end painting software like Corel Paint, Photoshop, Autodesk SketchBook, etc.

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P.S. I had specially tailored this course as short as possible so you don’t need to spend a lot of time to finish the whole courses.


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