Udemy – Learn SolidWorks by practicing 45 exercises ! [100% off]

Learn SolidWorks by practicing 45 exercises !

Course Description

This is a practicing course for SOLIDWORKS. Learn the industry-leading CAD software now and have a chance for more job opportunities with an average salary of 58,000$.

Master the basics and move to an advanced level in SOLIDWORKS.

 Why would you take this course?

1- Enhance your problem solving skills in the field of 3D modelling

2- Learn SOLIDWORKS by practicing 45 exercises designed to boost your skills in 3D Modeling and Assembly.

3- Upgrade your skills from drawing the first sketch to modelling advanced parts and making realistic assemblies.

Course topics overview

Many companies in the fields of Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Industrial Engineering … etc use SOLIDWORKS in the design process.  We will learn about this software and you will be able to create a new job opportunity as a SOLIDWORKS designer.

I designed this course based on Learn by doing approach. A brief introduction will put you on the track of how to start using the software and understand the 3D modelling concepts. You will watch more than 40 parts created step by step, these exercises were designed to cover the most important features in SOLIDWORKS. Finally 5 exercises will teach you how to start making realistic and functional assemblies.

Complete the 45 exercises, quizzes and project and you will move to an advanced level in SOLIDWORKS. 


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