Udemy – Learn Product Photography and Increase sales by 67% [100% off]

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Learn Product Photography and Increase sales by 67%

                     Photos are the visual backbone of your product business.

The only way your customers can experience your product is through the photos. This is how they ‘feel’ and interact with your product before buying.

In a shop a customer can pick up and feel the product and see it from every angle. However when you buy online, you have to do this through the photos.

Have you ever looked at a product photo and thought ‘I want that’?

                                   THIS is Why Photos Are So Important. 

I have personally split tested and analysed thousands of photos. I have used my photography background and design skills to create the ultimate product photography formula.

When your customer comes to your page they immediately look at the photos. These photos will tell the story of your product.

Good photos will excite emotions in your customer and compel them to buy immediately. Bad photos will make them run for the hills and never even consider your product.

                   Bad Photos Make Your Customers Run For The Hills

Just one bad photo will ruin your entire business. Your customer decides the value of your product based on photos. If they think its bad quality, it doesn’t matter how good the product is, people just wont buy it.

   Bad Photos = Bad Conversions
Bad Conversions = Poor Ranks
Poor Ranks = Poor Sales
Poor Sales  = Failed Product

What bad photos are doing to your product:
    Making customers question wether they should buy or not
Making customer think your product is weak or will break
Making customers think that you are an untrustworthy company
Making your customers run away and never purchase from you

What good photos WILL do to your product:
    Making customer excited and happy to own your items
Making customers think you are a professional high quality company
Making customers think your product is high quality and long lasting
Making customers believe your product is the answer to their problems
Turns window shoppers into impulse buyers and boosts sales of your

                           Everything Rides on Having Great Photos

If you get the photos right, everything else falls into place. Good photos instantly give you high conversions which immediately boosts your rank. Climbing up the ranks means you get more sales and your business grows.

                             Your Advertising return on investment

If you are paying for advertising and you have poor photos, then your money is being thrown down the toilet. However with good photos you’re advertising dollars are well spent.

High conversions means that you don’t need to pay for as many clicks to get the same amount of sales, and your advertising becomes cheaper.

                     “But shimmy, I don’t know how to take photos?”

Great, then this course is perfect for you:

You’ll learn..
   How to take beautiful photos from unique angles
How to stand out from your competitors with incredible photos
How to turn a mediocre product into a luxury item with tricks of photography
How to show off your best features using photography editing

           “But I don’t have a camera or any photo editing software”

If you have a smartphone, then you have a camera. In this course you’ll see  how use my smartphone to take all the products photos I need for a high converting product page.

I also show you how to use free editing tools to edit all your photos. If you have photoshop I’ll show you how to use it to edit the photos even more.

                 “But aren’t professional studio’s really expensive?”

I’ll tell you how to setup a professional studio on an extreme budget. All you need is a cheap cardboard box and some paper, and i’ll show you how to create an incredible Lightbox studio.

You’ll get photoshop tutorials for every element of editing, and I’ll tell you free tools you can use as well if you don’t have photoshop.


What bad photos will do to my business:
   Lower conversion rates and ruin your listing
Lowers ranks and let competitors easily take over
Lower your sales and your income slows to a halt
Your product finally gives up and fails

What will good photos do for my business:
   Increase conversion rates by 67% or more
Increase ranks and speed past competitors
Increase sales so your cashflow skyrockets

Learn how to create amazing photos that shine a light on your entire physical product business, boost your ranks, increase your sales and make your business soar.

                  Enrol Today and Get Started With this course


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