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Learn Piano #9: Use Suspended Chords to a song & play runs

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Learn Piano Level 9 – Learn to use Suspended Chords Substitution into Away In A Manger & Slash Chord Trick to Suspended Chords

Sometimes when we listen to musicians playing a musical arrangement, we here an open sound that creates tension that want to resolve quickly to a stable sound, you can be sure that they are suspended chord sounds created by the 4th tone of the chord.  The 4th tone of the chord clashes heavily to the chord.  So when the musician moves to the 3rd tone quickly, we feel that we have been taken to a wonderful ride.

Here’s the Secret: Whenever you play the Suspended Chord, watch your finger to see which finger is playing that 4th tone.  If you play it in the Root position, this works best for runs whereby your 3rd finger can quickly resolve to the semi tone right below it to create that peaceful drama.

Playing piano is fun when you watch patterns, watch your handshapes, listen to tones, and think in tone numbers.  Never memorize notes which we are trained to do as music note learners.

To play beautiful music, you need to learn to pick up the skills to play by ear and put your heart into the music rather than specific notes.

Learn how to put in Suspended Chords into your music arrangement of Away in a Manger.

Key of C: C7sus, D7sus, A7sus, G7sus


Here are some of the topics we will cover in this course:

A. Music Theory – Suspended Chord Formula

  • Chord Formula: 1 4 5
  • Suspended Chord Distinctive Feature – Playing the clashing 4th tone

B.  How Suspended Chord Tones work

C.  Suspended Chords always resolve in half step – 4 to 3

D.  Learn Magic Trick to write Slash Chords to suspended chords (F/G)

E.  Write out the 12 Dominant Suspended Chords in Slash Chords in less than a Minute

  • C7sus
  • D7sus
  • E7sus
  • F7sus
  • G7sus
  • A7sus
  • B7sus
  • Db7sus
  • Eb7sus
  • Gb7sus
  • Ab7sus
  • Bb7sus

F.  Suspended Chord Substitution Rule – Where it is placed in chord progression

G. Reharmonize Away in A Manger with Augmented Chords!

H. Fun Piano Runs with Suspended Chords – Intro of Songs

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