Udemy – Learn Piano # 11: Play Piano Techniques Master Class 1 to10 [100% off]

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Learn Piano # 11:  Play Piano Techniques Master Class 1 to10

Course Description

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This is the course I prepare for all my lovely piano students who want to play play play with a variety of Piano Techniques.

This is a MASTER Class of Piano Techniques that I taught in Learn Piano # 1 to # 10.

Here I put together all the Piano Techniques in one place to make it easy for my piano students.

You will Learn MY Piano Tips & Secret Handshapes to play at EASE and with emotions:

  1. Learn Easy Fingering
  2. Learn how to make use of R3 Finger
  3. Learn how to use your R1 Finger for drum effect
  4. Learn how to use 2T6 Handshape to make sweet sounds
  5. Learn how to use 3T6 Handshape to play inversions without the need to figure out all the inner tones
  6. Learn how to use 4T6 Handshape to play color tones
  7. Learn how to play good voicing with both hands
  8. Learn how to play chromatic movement
  9. Learn how to walk the bass
  10. Learn how to improvise with Right Hand sliding tones
  11. Learn how to do mordent Triplet to songs
  12. Learn how to play a variety of ballad sounds on the Left Hand
  13. Learn New Age accompaniment
  14. Learn to do Runs and Fills easily with both hands
  15. Know where to focus when you play
  16. NEVER concentrate on the specific notes, but to let your fingers flow….That’s It!  Come and join us!

 Practical PIano Techniques for Right Hand Improvisation

70+ Techniques and Styles:

  • 5 Finger Melody
  • Bluesy Notes
  • 5 Note Turn
  • Grace Notes
  • Chord Inversions
  • Transfer Chord
  • Melody in 3rds
  • Melody in 6ths
  • 3T6 Handshape
  • 4T6 Handshape
  • Mordant Triplet
  • Amen ending
  • Plagal Cadence
  • Perfect Cadence
  • Play in F Key
  • Color Tones
  • Open 10th
  • Rocking 10th
  • Ballad 9
  • New Age
  • Nostalgic Ballad
  • Cross Over Ballad
  • Cross Over 2 Octaves
  • Ascending Arp
  • Ballad Hop
  • C6 Dancing Water Run
  • C6 Waterfall Run
  • Quartals Playing
  • Simple Quartal Run
  • Octaves
  • Tremolos
  • Walk Up & Walk Down
  • Rocking Walking Bass
  • Smooth Voicing
  • Minor Chord Substitution
  • Open Voicing
  • Closed Voicing using Inversion
  • G7b9 Introduction Run
  • G7b9 Overlap Run
  • G7b9 LH Cross Over b9
  • Secondary Dominant Chords
  • 7b9 Substitutions
  • 1625 Turn Around & Variation
  • Diminished 7 chords chromatic movement
  • Chromatic Scale & Fingering
  • Chromatic scale runs
  • Chromatic Tone Fillers
  • LH chromatic run
  • Augmented Chord Substitutions
  • C Whole Tone scale
  • C# whole tone scale
  • Whole tone scale fillers
  • Whole tone special effects
  • Whole tone harp
  • Whole tone introduction
  • Suspended Chord 4-3
  • Suspended Chord run
  • Suspended chord IV/V
  • Suspended chord intro
  • Tritone Chromatic movement
  • Tritone chords formation
  • Playing very dissonant tritones
  • Tritone chords turnarounds
  • RH Block Chord Style Harmonization
  • 4T6 Locked Hand Chorale Voicing
  • 4T6 block chords to Away in a manger

Have fun playing Away In A Manger in a creative way improvising around the melody tones.

Have Fun!


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