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Learn Piano Level 10 – Learn to use Tritone Chords Substitution into Away In A Manger To give you song a jazzy sound and feel.

Learn Piano Level 10 is the toughest of all 9 levels.

Imagine, now that you have learned how to do Chord Substitutions from Level 1 to Level 10, you can arrange a simple song like Away in a Manger with advanced chords and play the song with professional sounds. By reharmonizing the song in these 10 levels, you can reharmonize any simple songs in this way to give them sophisticated professional sounds.

In Level 10, we’ve come to the most dissonant chord in the Key of C:  Tritone chord substitutions.  ‘Tritone’ is the tone that is 3 (tri) whole steps above or below the original dominant 7 Chord.   The most dissonant interval between any two tones is 3 whole steps up or 3 whole steps down.

When we watch musicians playing a piece of arrangement, they don’t need to think too much to create new advanced chords, such as the tritone chords.

Here’s the Secret:  Whenever you play the Tritone Chord Substitution, use my trick. Let your fingers move to the b5 of the chord and play the new chord moving to the next chord that is 1/2 step down.

That’s it!

That’s why they create smooth sounding basslines that mesmerize the audience.

Learn some new tips on how to put in Tritone Chord substitutions into your music arrangement of Away in a Manger.

Tip 1:  Tritone’s Unique Interval – Tensed

Tip 2:  Tritones present in Dominant 7 Chords

Tip 3:  Dominant & Respective Tritone Chord Sub share the same 2 tones

Tip 4:  Simple Trick to find Tritone Chord Sub

Tip 5:  Step 1 – Do Db7 Chord Sub to G7

Tip 6:  Step 2 – Do Eb7 Chord Sub to Em7

Tip 7:  Step 3 – Do Gb7 Chord Sub to C7

Tip 8:  Piano Technique 1:  Tritone Chord resolves 1/2 step down

Tip 9:  Piano Technique 2:  Tritone Chord Progression – Beautiful Bass Line

Tip 10:  Piano Technique 3:  Alternate Tritone Chord Progression

Learn how to Insert and Substitute with these new Tritone Chords:

  • bII7
  • bIII7
  • bV7
  • bVI7
  • bVII7

When you know how to apply Tritone Chord substitution into Away In A Manger, you will be able to apply them to any songs.

You are going to learn some beautiul bass line arrangements with Tritone chord subs so that you can use it at the ending of songs.

Instead of playing the normal chord progression of:  Em7   Am7   Dm7   G7     C

You will learn to play it in 2 possibilities using Tritone Chord Substitutions, creating 1/2 step movement from one chord to another.

1.      Bb7   Am7   Ab7    G7     C

2.      Em7   Eb7   Dm7     Db7    C


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