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Learn Intricate C Programming - typedefs and enumerated type

What is the course about?
This course provides a thorough  introduction to the C programming language which is the core of the UNIX/Linux operating system and other embedded systems.
A typedef creates an alias for a type. You can typedef a simple type or a more complicated user-defined type such as a struct, union, or enum, which otherwise would require syntax like “enum foo x”. A typedef also allows more strict type-checking than just declaring something with, say, “struct mystruct xxx”.
In C, union, struct, and enum look somewhat similar syntactically, but they’re quite different from each other.
A struct declaration defines a “record” type that can have multiple “columns” that are can be basic types/arrays, user-defined types, be pointers, (including back at the struct), or any other legal C thing. Most modern C code uses “typedef struct {…} struct_type_name”.
A union declaration forces the members to share the same memory, so you can conveniently access the bytes in the union as interpreted in their members’ type declarations. For example, a union with a 4 byte int and a 4 byte char array allows you to visit each byte making up the int by accessing the char array elements. Since unions expose the internal byte representation of types that are more than 1 byte long, they should be tested well in code that is intended to be portable. Unions tend to be used in platform-specific code such as device drivers.
Programming assignments and laboratory exercises are required to do by students. Please remember that this is a serious course on programming. I believe that programming language like C cannot be learned in few hours. It required continuous practice. Students may have to put a lot of efforts in order to become expert in programming and make the best use of this course.


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