Udemy – Learn Identities, Expansion & Factorization in Algebra [100% off]

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Identities and Factorization are key topics in Algebra 1. They are essential for anyone studying High School Mathematics and Calculus.Factoring and Application of Identities will be used consistently throughout the study of high school mathematics. Therefore, without mastering these basic skills, you will find it difficult to move on to further mathematics.Having a strong foundation and knowledge base of these concepts will lead you towards a wide range of careers including Computer Science, Finance, Engineering, Architecture, Medicine and many more. Mastering these skills of Algebra is a crucial first step that will empower you to move onto higher level math and thus will make you achieve your long-term career goals.

For this reason, I have made this small course (of nearly 3 hours) to provide students with the major skills and knowledge for factoring any type of Algebraic Expression, Polynomials and Application of Identities.

Video lectures, step by step demonstration of examples, notes,assignment and practice questions in the form of Resources are included to aid your learning experience. At the end of each section, Tests & Assignments are provided to the students to ensure the best learning experience.

This course is a stepping stone to your journey towards Higher Math and will make you confident to tackle the problems of Mathematics. The course builds a strong foundation of algebraic skills within 2-3 hours, so there will be no struggle with Algebra in the future. This course helps you to get equipped with major techniques to tackle higher Algebra easily.

The curriculum of the course is aligned with all the boards so any body from any country can take the course. You’ll learn the skills quickly and effectively with no time waste.


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