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Learn Android Quickly - Beginner Essentials

Course Description

Learn Android Quickly – Beginner Essentials

Learning Android is no small task.  With all the information about it available on the web, where do you start?  I would suggest right here.  This course will give you a great start to learning Android app development.  I will teach you the fundamentals, the traits that every app on the market uses, so that you will have a rock solid understanding of the basics to build upon.  I will explain these often confusing terms like Activities and Fragments, and best of all, you will get a cheat sheet at the end of this course that you can reference whenever you need.

The Quick Part

This course is for the programmer who doesn’t want to spend their time going through hours and hours of videos to learn the basic tasks.  It’s for the programmer who wants to understand the basics so they can expand their knowledge their way, on their time.  This course is structured to chronologically take you through the app development process learning one new feature per chapter.  You will learn more in the 90 minutes this course takes than you would in a whole day of searching Google and YouTube for answers to the most common Android practices.  I know this because this is the way I learned Android development and I wasted a lot of hours going through less than ideal videos.

Learn the Best Parts of an App

  • Activities
  • Fragments
  • Buttons
  • Text views
  • Saving and loading data
  • Communication
  • And more!

Everyone has an app in them.  

Start learning how to make yours a reality today.

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